Michelle Lesniak intially studied art at the Art Institute of Chicago. However, she realized that she just couldn’t take her fingers off textiles, teaching herself how to process fabrics and leather. The TV series Project Runway which made her the winner of the 11th season probably has taught her a lot of things as well. After all, she had to experience highs and downs there. She was near being thrown out, before she impressed everyone including jury and audience with her collection. Said collection is graced with a very impressive design vocabulary. Draperies, pleats, which create different levels consisting of several layers are the result and proof of her talent. A top worn over a dress is something very typical of her style. Another crucial element of her collection is the emphasis placed on the shoulders with the help of straps made of leather.

Each detail appears somewhat aggressive in contrast to the other collection, which is marked by a more discreet and passive design. Here, death and decay, being lost are the topics the collection picks up. For this cause, rather delicate and soft designs have been created. The creases and folds seem to be floating slightly, whereas the puffy sleeves exude a harmless character as well. Solely the asymmetry of the dress and the halfway torn-out sleeve embody the brutality of the chosen topic.

The collection “Little Girl Lost” incarnates the designer’s passion for prints. Each and every design seems to be embellished by a different print or pattern, which however don’t appear disharmonious thanks to the use of mainly dark colors. Capes or bows attached to blouses convey the image of an innocent and sweet girl.

Michelle Lesniak won Project Runway for a good reason. Her collections are expressive and always seem complete. Her latest collections indeed seem to follow a more sinister path, which probably fills us with more excitement towards her future collections. But for now, we are looking forward to her presence at the Fashion Week in Austin, Texas.

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