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”Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder“, that’s how it is mainly known in our society but nowadays things are a tad bit different. A lot of people look for their beauty secret under a scalpel.

In Asia you are “something special” if you have a double lid. What is known and adored as the “almond-shaped eye” amongst the Western civilization is seen in Asia as a deficit you need to correct. It is not out of the ordinary when kids, even boys receive an eyelid lift for their 11th birthday.

The so called “blepharoplasty” is a surgery to correct the eye lid and it is one of the most common surgeries in South-East Asia, as the people in this region particularly aim to look more western. Unlike for example in the States, plastic surgeries aren’t regarded as a taboo in South-East Asia. Almost every celebrity over in Seoul, South Korea had to undergo plastic surgery before getting the opportunity to perform. Even Miss South Korea 2012 recently revealed that she never claimed she was born beautiful.

This attitude is the main reason why cosmetic surgeries are a part of the everyday life now. Children are often talked into undergoing procedures before having the chance to properly grow up. The consequences are severe. One out of five Asian Women from the age of 19 – 49 is known for having a plastic surgery done, so Dr. Anthony Youn, a plastic surgeon from Detroit. In an interview with CNN he proclaimed his fears about the loss of the Asian culture. He worries that little by little the world would lose  the authentic ethnicity and the prominent features Asians are known for.

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