“Fashion is like a religion without God.”  Janis Sne lives for fashion. But he prefers a process unaffected by commercial aspects. The result is a style, unconventional and characterized by an enormous artistic standard. He turns the Riga Fashion Week into an ice-covered landscape.

Considering his more than arctic collection, the parallels to his collection “Dofa” seem obvious. The same cold and threatening atmosphere overwhelms you with aggressive ice crystals which are shaped and composed of fabrics and paper. Sharp and edgy ice crystals shape the monochrome clothing and take us to an arctic fantasy world. But this time men join the ice landscape. They protect themselves from the cold, dressed with long coats and covered with hoods. They almost appear like modern hunters. If you release them from all the artistic construction of crystals, then you’ll see that this fashion is quite wearable.

Women remain the queens of the fantasy world just like in the collection “Dofa”. Covered in gorgeous dresses, which are studded with the characteristic ice crystals,  Janis turns the mannequin into a gloomy ice queen whose elegance and grace can’t be surpassed.

Janis Sne proves with the collection “Arctic” that he is master of cuts.

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