Creative Director Paola Wong shows us her idea of the neighborhood girl who doesn’t loath the retro and vintage style with her label Pink Magnolia. Now that’s vintage! Paola of course knows that this summer we all have to wear pastel colors on silky and flowing cloths. She for example presents a mix of sweet bonbon pastel colors, circle skirts and pencil skirts and all-over designs.

I think the best example however is the strapless jumpsuit with a cherry print that the designer was wearing herself. Does it fit her? Yes it does! One of my favorite outfits from her collection invites you to a milk shake at an American diner. This outfit will make  football team’s captain ask you to spend the early evening in a Cadillac with him at an open-air cinema or on a roller skating rink.

The look with the silky, shimmering circle skirt and the cropped wool jumper is like no other. After Paola started learning at the Centro Textil y Moda,  she continued to study at the Fashion Institue of Technology in New York and University of Palermo in Argentina. And she even decided to go international, gaining experience on both the Europe and the Asian fashion market. That’s why I am especially excited to announce Pink Magnolia for the last day of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week México, April 4th.

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