Adaism is a lifestyle label where you not only can find exciting handbags, but also trendy furniture and decorative items. Today i’ll introduce the handbags to you: the “Sacos de Papel”, which also means “paper bags”. These designs even have the shape of the well known paper groceries bags.

You cannot forget the outstanding style factor! With the use of materials like cork or leather, these bags appear incredibly natural. Especially their cork designs are extraordinary! But their leather bags available in different colors are also extremely remarkable. ADAISM give their designs a surprisingly sophisticated look with a shiny and silver graphite style.

One of my favorite pieces is the brown or black bags. The leather get a great used look after wearing these bags for a while, therefore these bags are made for being by your side for your whole life. These pieces are available in several sizes. They are easy to open, can be rolled up, folded or you can even wear them with you while they are open.

The innovative design of these bags makes them to a must-have for everyone who love places value on an individual style.

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