How summer is supposed to look like in terms of fashion is going to be shown to you by the designer Roberto Torretta with his remarkable collection! Various colors and sensual cuts will transform the street into a catwalk! Intricate wrapping looks meet form fitting cuts and create a look which is just as elegant as seductive!

From chic evening gowns to modern one-pieces, every single item of the collection will accentuate your feminine side. Some of them boldly expose the skin at the hip. All items are plain-colored – bright blue, seductive red and shining yellow give the designs a refreshing glow.

The dresses emphasize the waistline as well as the cleavage which accentuates the feminine figure even more. The one-piece items also have their focus on the waist – especially due to the wrapping of the fabric.  From floor-length evening gowns, such with glittering fabrics, to one-shoulder dresses of leather can be found right here.

The modern elegance of bright colors and exciting cuts is just perfect for the warm season!

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