It’s not only the name of the tattoo artist from St. Petersburg which sounds quite promising, but also her works. The Russian Sasha Unisex doesn’t need an ideal model, she creates her own art, using totally different styles from the dotwork to old-school elements. This is fighting spirit and real creativity!

At first sight, her tattoos look like they were painted on the skin by using colors of a paint box: soft colors, color fields and no outlines. We hope that the colors remain as they are in about ten years. No one is born a master. This lady is a newcomer, but she already shows what she has down pat.

We all know how this gets on or rather under the skin. But where does her inspiration come from and where did she learn to paint so well? The paint box is her best friend, but she also likes to use copic pens. This is how her lovely, almost youthful and playful motifs are created. They are combined with the artful sophistication of her paint in watercolors. They look like the images of a children’s book and actually, they can even illustrate them at the same time. Birds, foxes and whales decorate the skin of her clients.

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