The Chinese artist Li Hongbo, born in 1974, has dedicated himself to a special kind of the paper processing. He forms sculptures and mostly busts, using the environment-friendly material paper. These don’t just lie around on the streets. In fact, they also have a integrated special-effect. You can pull them apart like an accordian and somehow stretch them without a limit.

But how does this work? Nobody knows except for the designer himself. It seems to be his secret. Anyways, I guess, he just takes a thick paper roll and forms it into a sculpture. Does anyone like to try this out by using a roll of TP? 😉

Nevertheless, the hard-working Chinese doesn’t only create busts, but also statues and installations and other abstract designs of the paper art. These mostly consist of various colors as against his other creations. They form a vivid contrast to his sterile works. I’m really looking forward to his next works.

Image Source: http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2013/02/the-flexible-paper-sculptures-of-li-hongbo/