There’s no other way to put it such a big variety of different cultures into one person. Lizette Avineri was born in LA, California, grew up as a daughter of a Polish-Columbian mother and a Romanic-Israeli father in South Florida and in Texas. She graduated from Parsons’ in New York. Her creative work is mostly inspired by the constantly changing American sub-cultures. She likes to analyze their ideas and ideals concerning ethics, gender and sexuality. Moreover, she gets inspired by the art and technology.

However, in her collection she hasn’t referred to any of these topics. She felt inspired by a trip to Israel. She tries to spread out the feeling she got when she was in Jerusalem. The religion is a main factor, which is now discussed in this collection. She switches between the Christianity, the Judaism and the Islam. Jesus and Maria are interpreted as well as the motifs of cathedrals. By the way, the name of this collection is “The Holiness Of’ ”.

One interesting fact is that the looks can define the dress code of a sub-culture very well. The designs are colorful, almost aggressive. The colors are very loud and sometimes melt into each other. The designer often integrates a dark antipole into the garments so that the whole design can calm down. You can find many different prints, from the small, detailed scrawls to the big ornaments.

Lizette Avineri’s collection partly mixes the energy of a sub-culture with the thoughtful peace of a religion. She creates dresses which are really inviting and perfect for the summer.
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