Tabitha Osler takes her surroundings and nature as an inspiration for her work. Her newest collection is named “Coal Mine Canary” – a suitable description for our world where the beautiful nature coexists with the industry. Tabitha Osler captures the topic of “destruction and renewal” in her designs.

All models of the collection are in accordance with nature. The designer uses organic materials and the colorings of vegetables to dye the fabrics. The cuts are flowing, summery and soft. Some prints show many birds with leaves which represent the wings instead of feathers. Every bird looks different.

Every garment consists of numerous, lovely details: Dresses can be closed with a button border. Between the buttons you can catch a glimpse of the wearer’s skin. The fabric is formed in a lovely ruffled, draped or pleated shape. Different fabrics are combined in an artfully way. This style reminds me of a country-ish, innocent look, which is emphasized by the light colors such as off-white and beige. Even geometrical forms, such as diamonds in different colors or the triangular cut-out of a dress’s back decorate some pieces of the collection.

Whether in the big city or in the countryside – the girly style of this fashion catches a lot of attention.

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