Stance offers a fashionable alternative to boring socks. Every outfit pops out with his designs, whether you’re young or old, on the way to your job or the next restaurant. The best thing about it: every season receives its new collection. Today, we’re having a look at the spring/summer collection.

Dark and light colors are mixed for the men’s designs. Some of the socks have different designs on both sides. Wild and thrilling from head to toe – easy to achieve with this collection. On each sock you will find many different colors and patterns. Some striped socks are designed with differently sized stripes. The same happens to the dot designs. It’s getting even more exciting with the Batik designs, flowers and wild patterns.

Also women can find their suitable pair of socks. The amazing motifs even eclipse the shoes. The socks are available in every kind of look – black & white, striped, colorfully patterned or with animal prints. I like all the designs with the floral patterns since they perfectly fit the summery season.

Stance transforms socks into fashion statements; and I do really recommend this label to you!
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