Larens Zürich’s website seems to make a secret of the label itself and also so does its supposed recent collection. It seems to be a spring and summer collection when you go through all the creations. Even though some would suppose that Larens could be a new label, the reality is that there are already many shops which offer its clothes. Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Spain and the United States are provided with Larens’ collections.

These countries offer Larens’ chic and modern designs. These are the main features of the label. They are transformed into casual, loose blouses and tight, sexy leather pants. The pants have a ? cut and are combined with a fur scarf and a top made of mesh fabrics. The fur appears on almost every design and gives a luxurious touch, for example on the vests or short scarves or even shirts in various colors. It is also combined with a top which is decorated with a print design, which also is a crucial ingredient in this collection. The print shows a snake pattern in the colors yellow, black and brown.

Larens’ is an experienced label with a unerring eye for style, trends and sophistication. Its collection is in great demand in Germany and the U.S. .

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