Hotel uniform as a reputation status

Long-term good reputation is more important than a momentary artificially generated image – this central idea is a weighty factor in the hotel industry. Due to the competition between the hotels, the design of the entire hotel buidling became an essential part. The symbiosis of the Corporate Identity and the Service Dress is fundamental for the customer’s satisfaction and the hotel’s recognition value. The design of the service dress is supposed to take up the company’s philosophy and to intensify the internal team spirit of the employees. Here, it is important to regard the credibility of the own actions and functions and to strengthen and support these through appropriate clothing.

The company’s reputation is significantly defined by single staff members nowadays. „We have the chance now to use hotel employees and personnel as brand ambassadors“ Nadine Thomas, managing partner of the Fashion Institute of Berlin GmbH. „Design and especially the choice of material for the service dresses have a decisive importance for the achievement of sustained effects.“ The Fashion Institute of Berlin develops and produces valuable hotel uniforms since the foundation in 1992. The hotel uniforms designed by a family company, which is guided by Nadine Thomas, are worn by several hotels ranging from the northern Grand Hotel Heiligendamm to the Bayrischer Hotel, a Munich hotel.

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