With her creations, Mirit Weinstock proves the fine line between art works and fashionable creations. Although the designer and artist from Israel also has her own fashion collection, she is rather known for her jewelry. Her artistic range of expression allows her to feel completely free when designing her pieces and draw inspiration from a variety of segments. Collections like Clowns, Human Spines and Snowflakes show how far-reaching her sources of inspirations really are.

Her current jewelry line truly lives up to its name, Kokteil. Made of intricately processed silver, the model-like trinkets form small rosettes as they are normally found on colorful mixed drink bottles. As simple as the idea may seem, it is actually brilliant. Mirit Weinstock proves in an impressive and humorous way that jewelry doesn’t only display wealth, but can also be wearable art. Let’s be frank, these pieces are truly topics of conversations.

Rohkem infot: miritweinstock.com