Otto Kern embodies all of what a man’s clothing line is required to have in order to be called a premium label for contemporary fashion. The brand symbolizes highest quality, modern designs and perfect fit, always recognizable by its emblem: a lion with a stylized “K”.

Besides the very modern clothing line, the brand also offers various beauty products, including the newest perfume called “Allkirja kiirus” for men. As you can tell from its name, this Eau de Toilette is made for those who lead a fast and busy life, but still want to show their elegant side.

Vervain, ginger, lemon and black pepper build up the top note, emphasizing the dynamic side of the wearer. The pulsating character of the top note is furthermore elevated and amplified with a refreshing heart note consisting of pineapple, frosted peppermint and orange blossoms, while the soft base note forms a beautiful contrast to the vibrant overall character of the perfume to complete the seductive scent profile. Don’t waste any time, live life fast but to the fullest. This is what the fragrance Signature Speed by Otto Kern is all about.

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