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We nail polish junkies all know this problem too well. We just want them all, each and every color by every imaginable brand. But we don’t have enough hands to make use of all our beloved nail polishes on a regular base. That’s why some of them sadly get buried in oblivion. To breathe new life into our old nail polishes, I’m going to show you three ways to reuse them in the following.

Prevent your jewelry from staining your skin!
Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I personally love fashion jewelry and believe me when I say that my purse is thanking me every day for it. The only fact I loathe about fashion jewelry is that they have a way of tarnishing and leaving not all too sexy green marks on your skin, especially during summer when we transpire like nothing else. To prevent those hideous marks just take your old, preferably clear nail polishes and swipe one or two coats on the inner part of your jewelry and you will go without green marks through the summer in 2015.

Color coordination for a more organized life!
With a lot of diverse colors you could easily coordinate and organize your things to make your life easier. You could for example paint little dots on your folders or drawers to organize your uni stuff. Or you could mark your keys so that the next time you grab them you don’t have to think too long about which ones you really need today before rushing out of the door.

Colored heels à la Christian Louboutin!
Show the world how creative you are by upscaling simple and quite boring black heels. Just paint the lower surface of your pumps the color you prefer. I can imagine royal blue would look amazing in combination with black or just do it like the master Louboutin himself has done it: Stick with red. J


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