The fashion Derhy enterprise from France initially caught a lot of attention due to its style which seemed far away from the typical French look. In the beginning, René Derhy, the founder of the fashion house, obtained his materials from India, creating hippie-style tunics. However, after a customer cancelled a significant order, the fashion creator decided to take a different path and searched for ideas on the local market.

René Derhy has been standing for uniqueness since the foundation in the year 1969, despite orientating itself by European fashion today. The role as an outsider is now long forgotten. Nevertheless, customers of the French label appreciate the outstanding and special services and designs the brand offers. From January 19-21 you will be able to experience the expertise of this label live in Berlin because it will present its latest collection at the Panoraammess within the frameworks of the Berlin Fashion Week.

I’m going to showcase you the fall and winter line for 2014/2015 which presents French chic and juvenile lightness. All this results in an urban look, made for cosmopolitan fashion victims all around the world. The style is overall outstandingly feminine. Lace, fur, floral patterns, glossiness and sequins embellish the modern pieces. One of the ultimate must-haves is the pearl-embroidered knitted sweater and the florally printed skinny jeans. My favorite however is the fur jacket – the eye catcher of the season.

Autoriõigus ja allikas: http://www.renederhy.com