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Today’s article won’t be about promotion codes for once because Must reede ja küberesmaspäev just passed and every single one of our most loved shops have to catch a break. Nonetheless I brought you some tips on how to save money for the truly important things like Christmas gifts for the family.

Me kõik armastame Lopsakas – no big secret right there. But those little splurges on even the small “Vannipommid” can end up making you broke. However, we don’t want to miss out on our weekly pamper sessions, now do we? That is why I think you should definitely try out the following: Mix 1 tbs of honey with 1 tsp of water and 1 tsp of fluid soap, give it a mix and put it to the running bath water. And there you have a perfect and nourishing bath time at home.

We sometimes go out to buy an overly expensive treatment for the occasional pimple or acne breakout to treat the moody skin after too much chocolate. But we shouldn’t have to. Instead of using gels and creams, how about DIY your own mask for acne prone skin? Mix 3 tsp of yoghurt with a hand full of fresh strawberries. Mash the latter and mix it with the yoghurt. Then put it on your face, let it sink in for a while and enjoy the result. The clou behind the whole thing is salitsüülhape, which can be found in most acne products and can be naturally found in strawberries.

Those are two of my most loved and used treatments for when I want to save up good and hard earned money for the people I love most.

Lana Hoang

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