Another protagonist of the Hiina moenädal Mercedes-Benz  oli Hu Sheguang, who presented his newest collection to us within the frameworks of this fashion spectacle. The young designer really creates unique fashion, incorporating extremely special attributes into his “robes”. He plays with asymmetric and symmetric structures and curves, experimenting with complex compositions. Indeed, you can see and feel the passion, this designer puts into his works.

The fall and winter collection is driven by extravagant femininity. Here, Hu makes use of semi-transparent fabrics and connects these with clear lines. The resulting strong contrast is furthermore stressed by the use of the colors black and white. Discreet and yet very bold!

The mind-blowing cuts definitely turn this fashion into pure extravaganza. Dramatically voluminous structures veil the mannequins in almost flower-like constructions. Inspired by the Baroque, the dresses and skirts often consist of huge valances. Fashion by Hu Sheguang indeed borders on haute couture.


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