Baiba Ripa is a High-Fashion label from Riga, Latvia. It was brought to life by the eponymous designer, who created every design in her atelier in Latvia’s capital with dedication and devotion. Each single collection is marked by three very significant conceptual pillars: elegance, uniqueness and the courage to combine extraordinary elements. The designer seems to have fallen in love with contrasts. At the same time, the brand seems to be characterized by a deep bond with its home country. Traditional handicrafts of the region, myths and legends have found their way into the collection.

Sustainability and nature however are not neglected. Thus, mainly natural materials of the highest quality are used for the collection.  This is why the label Baiba Ripa only makes use of wool, cashmere, cotton and silk for its collection for the fall and winter. Based on these materials, the two lines “Water” and “Earth” emerge, both particularly focusing on knitwear.

Many of the designs are oversized, loosely cut or are even extraordinarily voluminous. The names of the collections however refer to the chosen colors. While Water focuses on different blue nuances, Earth emphasizes darker brown shades. Furthermore, the two lines differ from each other considering another aspect: Whilst Water perfectly prepares you for a warm day in the summer with a short dress and short pants, Earth is marked by fashion suitable for a a slightly chill evening.

Baiba Ripa presented its latest designs at the  Moenädal Lviv, which recently took place. The brand truly impressed with knitwear which is out of this world, made for warm and colder days. Nature has never been this close to us, touching and stroking our skin softly.

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