Olga Kucherenko has belonged  to the fashion elite in Belarus since the year 2005. The fashion branch without her is unimaginable, as her innovative designs are considered an important component in the world of fashion. For this reason, it truly is no surprise that she has been invited to present her vision of modern elegance at the Valgevene moenädal which is starting right now.

Her show will start 7:00 pm on April 13th, 2014. And trust me, missing this show would be a real pity if you love bold designs in luscious colors and if you dig daring combinations. The feminine, elegant and chic cuts and the silky materials define the glamour look of this label.

Waisted skirts emphasize the female charms. So do the formfitting dresses. Colorful stripes and patterns consisting of squares, rectangles and triangles mark the colorful style of this fashion. The dresses and skirts with a jagged hem contribute to the funky glamorous hippie charm as well.

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