King Frederik IX reined the Kingdom of Denmark from 1947 to 1972, He married a Swedish princess, led his country through peace and wealth and was given three mesmerizing princesses by his wife. He was also known as a lover of music and even played piano very well. Then, he died because of influenza in 1972, peacefully falling asleep in his bed.

So far so good. It seems to be a sweet fairytale, meaningless to mention, but there’s a fact why he has become my one and only favorite monarch. He had tattoos! He had tattoos during a period when only thieves and peons let color come into their skin.

He wore a dragon on his breast and several motifs on his arms. Everything was very dark, typical for the old-school style. Look at him. This is how a man who leads an entire nation of Nordic people has to look like, right? Who wants kings who wear silky, soft coats and dress-like gowns? With his body art King Frederik IX revived a tradition that had seemed to be dead.

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